YouTube starts Music AI incubator with Universal Music


YouTube is launching an incubator to work with artistes and musicians to explore the use of artificial intelligence in music, according to its blogpost on Monday.

The Alphabet unit has signed up Universal Music as its first partner for the Incubator, and will work with artistes including Anitta, ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus, and Max Ricther.

“The incubator will help inform YouTube’s approach as we work with some of music’s most innovative artists, songwriters, and producers across the industry,” YouTube CEO Neal Mohan said in the blog.

The group “will help gather insights on generative AI experiments and research that are being developed at YouTube,” said Mohan, adding that YouTube would bring on board more partners.

Generative AI is artificial intelligence capable of generating text, images, sounds and other data.

With the launch of ChatGPT late last year, the technology has been adopted in a range of industries and use-cases even as lawmakers deliberate rules that prevent its misuse including copyright infringement and spam.

YouTube said it will further invest in AI-powered technology, including evolving its copyright management tool, Content ID, to protect viewers and creators.


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