Sunday, March 3, 2024

WhatsApp rolls out support for HD videos

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WhatsApp is adding support for HD videos, enabling users to send high-resolution videos to their contacts. While the announcement by the company was made last week, the feature has officially rolled out today on iOS and Android devices.

Similar to the HD photos feature, HD videos allow users to send high-definition videos to family and friends easily, without employing other tiresome methods to send files.

Previously, WhatsApp would compress all videos to 480p due to the app’s resolution limit. Now users can send HD videos up to 720p.

To send videos in HD, users will have to select the HD button at the top, after they have selected the video they wish to send from their phone gallery.

Once sent, the recipients will be informed that the file shared with them is in HD and they can decide if they have enough storage space and bandwidth to download the video.

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