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What is a double VPN and how it works

What is a double VPN and how it works


A double VPN connection is when an internet connection is run through two VPN servers operated by the same service, promising extra security to users.

According to howtogeek, double VPN has fewer configuration issues, since they come as a pre-packaged feature. A double VPN changes your method of connecting from home to the internet service provider’s server and then to the website you want to view. Instead, the connection is rerouted, so that the connection goes from ISP to a server operated by a VPN, and then goes on to the website. 

This new process changes your IP address to that of the VPN, and also encrypts connection ISP and VPN servers, ensuring the privacy and security you require. A double VPN adds a second server into the chain, called “cascade configuration”, as the connection from ISP goes to two VPN servers before going to the website. 

A con to using double VPNs is the speed consumption which is entirely absorbed by the VPN, reducing the speed of the internet overall. 

Though rarely found before, double VPNs has become increasingly popular and are being offered by many VPN servers like Hide.me, NordVPN, IVPN, and ProtonVPN. 


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