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Two car dealers were arrested again after they fled the court after their bail request was refused

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The police re-arrested the two suspects who managed to escape the court after their bail request was denied in a fraud case on Tuesday.

The two suspects are brothers and they were first arrested in a raid conducted by the Ferozabad police at a hotel near Jinnah International Airport from Monday to Tuesday night. A companion of the suspect managed to escape during the raid.

The suspects Sheikh Sheraz and Sheikh Moise are the brothers and owners of a well-known car showroom. The police stated that the two received 4.5 million rupees from a citizen in exchange for a car, but after they neither gave him the car nor returned the cash, the citizen later filed a lawsuit against them. After their bail request was denied, the brothers fled the court. The suspect was arrested again, but their companion Sheikh Salmad managed to escape.

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