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Tips for improving your Outlook experience

Tips for improving your Outlook experience


Microsoft’s Outlook is a commonly used platform that allows you to send emails, make calendars, create and manage tasks, and more.

If you are an avid Outlook user, you should know some of these tips and tricks to use the platform better. Here are a few of them:

1. Using Scheduling Assistant for meetings

Trying to find a common slot for a meeting over an email conversation can be very tough. To make things easier, you can use the Scheduling Assistant on Outlook, which shows all the occupied and free slots of your contacts. To access the assistant, click on the Calendar, and select New appointment in the top left corner. Choose Scheduling Assistant. You can now pick a free slot and send a meeting invite.

2. Delay email delivery

If you want to write an email and send it later without worrying about missing a deadline, then this option is for you. Write a new email. Click on the options tab, choose Delay Delivery, and mention the time, date, and other options to tell Outlook when to send the email.

3. Automatic out-of-office replies

If you are going on vacation or leave and want to let your contacts know you’re unavailable. In that case, you can automatically reply in your absence to every email sent to you. To do so, click on Files and choose Info. Select Automatic replies from the list. Write a response that you want people to receive. You can select the duration for when the emails should be sent.

4. Answer with quick texts

If you have to write the same content in different emails repeatedly, here a quick solution. In the new email window, click on Insert and choose Quick Parts. Add any selected text to the Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery tab. Next time you have to send the same message, use this snippet instead of typing it all over again.


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