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TikTok reviews the SHC directive after Pakistan bans its application

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TikTok said on Tuesday that it is “considering” the impact of the Sindh High Court order to ban the app in Pakistan.

“For the first time yesterday, we learned about the court case and the decision of the Sindh High Court [Monday]And is currently considering its impact,” a TikTok spokesperson told Geographic TV.

The official reiterated that Chinese apps have “strong policies, procedures and technologies” to review and initiate actions against “violating content”.

SHC orders the suspension of TikTok in Pakistan

SHC ordered the suspension of TikTok’s video-sharing application throughout Pakistan until July 8th, nearly three months after Pakistan lifted the ban on TikTok.

The SHC decision was made at a hearing, and the court issued a notice to the Minister of Justice of Pakistan instructing him to comply with the order and suspend the application.

The petitioner’s lawyer stated his argument in court that the Peshawar High Court had earlier banned TikTok because some of the videos uploaded on the platform were “immoral and contrary to Islamic teachings”.

The lawyer said that his client had contacted the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) before moving, but PTA did not do anything in this regard.

The court has summoned the parties involved in the case on July 8.

Application submitted to SC seeking to ban TikTok

On the same day, someone applied to the Supreme Court to ban TikTok.

Ali Zeb, a resident of Pakpattan, said that TikTok is fueling crime, people use drugs and weapons and upload videos, and the use of TikTok in educational institutions is creating a “bad environment” for students.

The petitioner stated that the individual is also recording acts such as suicide attempts to obtain opinions on TikTok, and the content violates Pakistan’s Islamic law.

The petitioner requested an effective decision by partially shutting down TikTok and ordering the government to establish a content review mechanism.

The ban is lifted for the second time

As early as April, Pakistan officially lifted the ban on the application of TikTok by Chinese Bytedance for the second time in accordance with the order of the local high court.

This was done nearly a month after the same judicial department instructed the State Telecommunications Administration to “immediately block access” to the short video sharing service.

However, PTA also issued a severe warning to TikTok against “vulgar and offensive content” and was asked to delete it.

The agency stated in a press release shared on Twitter that “PTA has issued instructions to the service provider to remove access to the TikTok app”.

“However, the TikTok application management was told to ensure that vulgar and objectionable content cannot be accessed in accordance with PECA regulations and instructions from the High Court,” it warned.

TikTok appoints focus people to focus on “immoral content”

The Peshawar Court was told at the hearing on April 1 that TikTok had appointed a contact person to focus on “immoral content” and what actions should be taken in this regard.

PHC Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan told the PTA Director General that the agency should have a system that can distinguish “good from bad”.

“When the PTA takes action [against immoral content], People don’t upload such videos,” Judge Qaiser once said, who said the authorities had talked to TikTok to stop repeat offenders.

The PHC then ordered the PTA to “open TikTok, but should not upload unethical content,” and asked the official to submit a detailed report on the matter at the next hearing scheduled for May 25.

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