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TikTok is banned again in Pakistan

TikTok is banned again in Pakistan


In this illustration, the TikTok logo is displayed on the smartphone. — AFP/Document

Nearly three months after Pakistan lifted the ban on TikTok, the Sindh High Court (SHC) ordered a national ban on TikTok for the third time every week.

The SHC decision was made at a hearing, and the court issued a notice to the Minister of Justice of Pakistan instructing him to comply with the order and ban the application.

The petitioner’s lawyer stated his argument in court that the Peshawar High Court had earlier banned TikTok because some videos uploaded on the platform were “immoral and contrary to Islamic teachings”.

The lawyer said that his client had contacted the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) before moving, but PTA did not do anything in this regard.

The court has summoned the parties involved in the case on July 8.

Man Mobile SC seeks to ban TikTok

Earlier today, an application was filed with the Supreme Court to ban Tiktok.

Ali Zeb, a resident of Pakpattan, said that TikTok is fueling crime, people use drugs and weapons and upload videos, and the use of TikTok in educational institutions creates a harsh environment for students

The petitioner stated that the individual is also recording acts such as suicide attempts to obtain opinions on TikTok, and the content violates Pakistan’s Islamic law.

The petitioner requested an effective decision by partially shutting down TikTok and ordering the government to establish a content review mechanism.


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