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TikTok introduces new features for feed recommendations

TikTok introduces new features for feed recommendations


Popular short-video platform TikTok has introduced a new feature that will allow users to refresh their For You feed if they feel the recommendations they get are no longer relevant.

The For You feed is a feature that lets users discover different content, creators, communities and products. The feed, however, can sometimes feel irrelevant or the content might lack variety, for which users can now refresh their recommendations to get more content based on user interactions.

TikTok is making ongoing efforts to ensure users have an enjoyable experience on the platform, by giving users more control tools to shape their experience, filter content, or skip videos from particular creators. The refresh feature won’t override any settings that users have already enabled or impact any accounts they follow.

The company has taken big steps to ensure the safety of users on the platform with rules and regulations in place for content that is inappropriate, filtering content negative content in feeds and ensuring underage users receive filtered content.

TikTok is committed to providing variety in its recommendation feed, its system serving one video by each creator in a row, not including the same sound. The feeds intend to provide users with an experience to discover videos they haven’t seen before. The company says it’s committed to providing a diversity of content to enable an enriching discovery experience.



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