TikTok bans AI deep fakes of celebrity endorsements

TikTok has added new restrictions on sharing AI deep fakes and the short video platform has been revising its policies after the growing fear of a ban in the US.

Most of the content moderation guidelines are unchanged. These included no graphic violence, hate speech, or overtly sexual content. However, there is a significant change regarding AI deep fakes.

As per The Verge, the previous guidelines just mentioned that the content could “mislead users by distorting the truth of events [or] cause significant harm to the subject of the video.”

After refreshing the policies, the platform has asked users to “clearly disclose” if the content is AI generated and edited.

In addition, the platform has also informed users that it has banned the deep fakes of celebrity endorsements and non-public figures.

The revised policies have come after the popularity of deep fakes on TikTok and the rising fear of security from leading countries like the US in this regard.

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