Sunday, April 14, 2024

Threads adds new repost tab to separate original posts

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Meta has made some changes to the user interface of Threads and has added a separate tab for the posts reposted by a user.

Previously, similar to Twitter, Threads showed the reposted and original posts in the same tab/feed. By separating them into two separate tabs will make it easier for users to quickly access the posts based on their nature.

In addition to the separate tab, users will be able to see the reposts in the reverse chronological “Following” feed. Previously the reposts were based on the algorithms in the ‘For You’ feed.

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While the update has been made recently, it has already received mixed responses. Those who mainly repost the content on the new platform believe that now their original post tab will be relatively empty. Some suggest that instead of a separate app, there should be an option to filter out reposts.

The move is again part of increasing engagement on the new platform.

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