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The updated Wandrd Prvke is the perfect camera bag

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The most important part of something sitting on your back for hours is comfort, and Wandrd did it.The company updated the padding on the back and shoulders, so it’s very much Soft, like someone holding a pillow on your back. The shoulder straps are very wide and won’t stick to your shoulders. I like to use a chest strap to further reduce stress.I started from Messenger bag to backpack Stop making shoulder pain, Prvke really feels good to wear.

I also like the attention to detail. Each strap is equipped with an elastic band, so you can neatly roll up any annoying hanging ropes. The two handles on the top are magnetized, so they stick together instead of shaking around. (These magnets are also stronger in version 2.0.) with There is now a baggage through, so you don’t need to carry it with you at the airport!

The whole thing is made of tarpaulin and Robic 1680D ballistic nylon, with YKK weather-resistant zippers (and great zipper handles!) and durable polyurethane-coated fabric on the inside for waterproofing. It is safe to say that you do not have to worry about wear and tear. To be honest, my original Prvke looks as good as the new one despite frequent use. I am still wearing the new version in heavy rain and my gear is not soaked at all.

Glorious, glorious pocket

Pockets can make or break camera bags. Because every photographer is a unique shining star, and they choose different cameras, lenses, and SD cards, Prvke does not have a camera cube. If you don’t want to buy a single item, you can buy a photo package of any size that fits your purchase, which includes a detachable cube and accessory strap.

you do not Have Either there is. I don’t use shoulder straps, but they are helpful if you want to attach larger equipment (such as a tripod) to the outside of the bag. However, Essential Cube does. In the 31L, I can put in my camera, a shotgun microphone, another lens and a thick external monitor, and there is more room. In 11L, I can squeeze the camera, gun microphone and another small lens. The adjustable Velcro partition keeps everything comfortable.

I can access the camera through the side pocket without removing the bag from my back, but for everything else, I need to remove it. The original Prvke had a flip cover that covered the cube inside, which was annoying. Happily, Wandrd removed it, so now acquiring equipment is a more streamlined process.

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