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The PPP leader said he had no “reason” in making derogatory remarks against CJP

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Islamabad: A PPP leader accused of insulting the Chief Justice stated that he was unconscious when he made derogatory remarks to Justice Gulzal Ahmed.

Masoodur Rehman Abbasi, a PPP officer from Karachi’s PS-114 constituency, appeared before the four judges of the Supreme Court to respond to the outbreak of Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed on Tuesday.

The court has ordered the police to show Abbas and respond to his profanity. Earlier this month, a video went viral on social media, and it was possible to see and hear Abasi’s derogatory remarks against the Chief Justice.

The bench judge Umar Ata Bandial (Umar Ata Bandial) asked the defendant to submit a written response, adding that his oral statement did not contribute to the decision of the case.

Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan asked Abbas for his derogatory remarks to the Chief Justice.

“No, sir, I didn’t feel it at the time,” Abbas replied.

However, Judge Bandil asked the defendant to consult his lawyer and then submit a written response.

The FIA ​​stated that the audio and video clips are unedited and authentic

The FIA ​​submitted an interim report on the case, stating that Abasi’s audio and video clips are authentic and unedited.

In order to verify the authenticity of the clips, the FIA ​​representative told the court that it has a digital forensics laboratory to conduct forensic analysis of the video clips.

The laboratory replied that the video has been uploaded to various social media platforms. The video was 2 minutes and 15 seconds long. It was first uploaded to Facebook and later published by different people on other websites, including You Tube.

The FIA ​​stated that it has saved the data of the Facebook account that uploaded the video.

“My party abandoned me”

The court asked the defendant whether he was convinced that the video showing him insulting the Chief Justice had not been tampered with. In this regard, Abbas admitted his mistake and expressed respect for justice.

The defendant told the court that he was frustrated because his party had suspended his basic membership and “abandoned me.”

Justice Bandia explained to Abasi that the court intends to end the proceedings as soon as possible. However, he also said that the court will decide whether to appoint prosecutors to collect evidence against the defendant.

In response to the judge’s inquiry, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) stated that the controversial video will only be removed from social media after the FIA ​​has completed its investigation.

PTA Director General (Legal) Sajjad Awan told the court that removing clips from social media could adversely affect the progress of the investigation.

The bench instructed the PTA to coordinate with the FIA ​​to delete the clip, and pointed out that the Pakistan Electronic Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) had notified the court that the speech was not broadcast on electronic media.

Judge Aijaz-ul-Ahsan asked the additional attorney general to submit in “legal form” the evidence he has collected so far from court investigations.

The Supreme Court asked the Attorney General to assist the authorities in collecting legal materials and then suspended the proceedings in the case until Friday.

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