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The Ministry of Women’s Development will set up more daycare centers in Sindh

The Ministry of Women’s Development will set up more daycare centers in Sindh


The Ministry of Women’s Development of Sindh Province will set up more daycare centers in different cities to take care of the children of working women in the province.

This was announced by the Minister of Women’s Development Syeda Shehla Raza at a press conference on Monday. Daycare center facilities will be established in Larkana, Sanhar, Shikarpur, Matiyari, Tando Muhammad Khan, Jamshoro and other areas in Sindh.

Raza said that her department has set up a helpline service and complaint team to provide help to female members of society facing difficulties. She said that daycare facilities are designed to ensure the best environment for the children of working women and take care of the health of these minors.

She said that the Ministry of Women’s Development has been facing a severe shortage of manpower because its four bureaus operate with the smallest number of employees in the province. The Minister believes that due to the ban on new recruitment in the past five years, the number of pensioners associated with the Sindh provincial government has increased more than the number of government employees in the province. “We do need more people to manage our department, but we are unable to recruit because the Sindh Public Service Commission has also been disbanded,” she said.

She said the Sindh provincial government will activate shelter facilities for women in Mirpur Hass, Nawabshah and Jacobabad. She revealed at the time that the complex of the Nawabshah Women’s Development Department has long been the location of the DIG police office, and her department wrote a letter to obtain the ownership of the building.

In response to a question about the country’s prime minister’s latest controversial statement on women’s clothing, Raza said that whenever any woman suffers from such a crime, the entire society becomes a judge because people start to guess her character and people start to blame the victim By.

She recalled that the Haddoud Ordinance was promulgated under the dictatorship of General Ziul Haq, and the law required four witnesses to prove the allegations of rape. “How can a blind female victim of rape identify the perpetrator of the heinous crimes committed against her? Is anyone with him as a witness in the rape case?” She said, unfortunately, the dress code for women Excessively linked with pure violence against them in society.


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