Home Uncategorized Sucralose found in sweetener can damage DNA

Sucralose found in sweetener can damage DNA

Sucralose found in sweetener can damage DNA


Sugar substitutes such as sweeteners are gaining popularity; however, they are very harmful to the body.
As per a new study, a chemical called sucralose-6-acetate, found in sucralose (commonly known as Splenda), causes damage to the DNA.

Sucralose has been named genotoxic by researchers at North Carolina State University. The word genotoxic means that sucralose can harm genetic information within cells.

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Moreover, it can express genes in the human gut epithelium that can induce inflammation and even cancer. It can also cause damage to the gut lining.

Apart from these results, due to the limitations, the study has not recognised the overall impact of sucralose on the body.


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