Spotify debuts ‘Niche Mixes’; a personalised user playlist

Spotify launched ‘Niche Mixes’, a set of personalised playlists based on familiar songs and recommendations into specific categories. An expansion of Spotify’s Mixes playlist feature, the new addition enables users to have more control over what they listen to.

Announcing the feature launch, the platform said, “No matter the moment or occasion, you’ll receive a personalized Mix rooted in familiarity, combining music from artists, genres, and decades you already know and love with songs we think you’ll enjoy that match the moment.”

The feature will neatly sort out music preferences into playlists automatically, especially for those too lazy to do so. Users can also manually search for specific words for better recommendations like, ‘activities, vibes, aesthetics, etc’.

Spotify Mixes are available globally to Free and Premium users, with a selection of mixes chosen by Spotify under ”Made for you’ hub. Each mix is updated daily to keep up with new music interactions and adaptations.



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