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Some Slack features to better your experience

Some Slack features to better your experience


The world came to a halt with Covid-19 and a large part of the global labour force started working remotely. People were also introduced to many apps that made remote working helpful. Slack is one such app that has made communication more manageable, especially for workplace employees.

In case you have not discovered this app yet, here are some features that you need to know;

1. Schedule reminders

While working, one can often forget certain tasks. To solve that problem, Slackbot helps users by reminding them of pending tasks. To utilise this feature, search for Slackbot in the search panel. Open the channel and follow the format of Slack, which is /remind [@someone or #channel] “[what]” [when].

2. Notification for keywords

Slack can make your life easier if you want to keep track of specific task-related keywords actively. To get notified when a particular word or phrase is mentioned, click the You button and select Notifications from the menu. Now select the first option from the list to opt for keyword notifications.

3. Edit sent messages

If you have sent a message but realise that you wanted to say something else or need to update the message, fret not because you can edit the sent messages in Slack. To do so, click on the message. You will then see three dots in the row below. Click on the dots, select Edit the message, and make the changes you want.

4. Integrate frequently used tools

If you use specific software or apps very frequently and want them to be easily accessible when using Slack, here is what you can do. Go to Slack App Directory and search for the tool you want to integrate. Click on the tool to open its home page. Now click on Add to Slack button to install the app. Follow all the authorisation steps, and the app will be ready to use.


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