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Since KMC approved a budget of 260 crore rupees, no new tax was imposed

Since KMC approved a budget of 260 crore rupees, no new tax was imposed


Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has approved a budget of 259.82414 billion rupees for the next fiscal year, with a surplus of 11.947 million rupees, as expenditures

It is estimated to be 259.70467 crore.

Karachi Chief Executive Laeeq Ahmed (Laeeq Ahmed) used the power of the city council to approve the budget on Tuesday following a notice from the Sindh provincial government. No new taxes are levied. The administrator stated that in the next financial year, priority will be given to development plans that are in the public interest. “Non-development plans are kept to a minimum; new and ongoing roads, gardens, playgrounds and sports fields have been added to improve Karachi’s infrastructure.”

Ahmed stated that for the convenience of citizens under the Annual Development Plan (ADP), the 200 plans launched in the previous fiscal year will be completed at an accelerated pace next year.

“The KMC budget for the next fiscal year will be balanced and will lead to urban development and improvement, and the process of improving urban infrastructure through it will continue.”

He stated that the focus will be on achieving the projected revenue target for 2021-22 and keeping non-development expenditures to a minimum while focusing on development work. Ahmed said that with the arrival of the monsoon season, it is expected that plans to provide relief to the citizens this season will be given priority, and the process of clearing rainwater drains is underway and will continue in the future.

“Funds have been allocated to different departments according to their responsibilities, most of which have been allocated to the medical and health departments to provide citizens with better and higher-quality treatment.”

The administrator said that in order to provide amusement facilities, all important places in Karachi, including the zoo, Hill Park, Kidney Mountain Park and Bagibu Nakasim Park, will be improved, and a total of 45 KMC parks will be developed. The brigade will also be equipped with the necessary equipment.

The largest source of income in the KMC budget is the Octroi Zilla Tax (OZT) share and a subsidy of Rs 1,507 crore provided by the provincial government, while the regional ADP is expected to collect more than Rs 5 crore.

In addition to allocating funds for the regional ADP, a total of Rs 2,451,803 crore was allocated for development work. The estimated revenue of the KMC revenue department is 1.7 billion rupees, and the estimated revenue of the municipal utilities and water conservancy tax (MUCT) department is 1 billion rupees. The budget shows K-Electric’s 1.85 billion rupees and Karachi Port Trust’s 100 million rupees outstanding dues.

Similarly, in terms of expected income, the World Bank-funded Karachi Competitive Livable City (CLICK) project costs 15.3 billion rupees, and culture costs 184.7 billion rupees.

Sports and entertainment, as well as Rs 2615 crore from transportation and communications.

Others included Rs 22,229 crore for veterinary services, Rs 201 crore for municipal services, Rs 100 crore for revenue transfer from the Sindh Construction Control Bureau, Rs 95 crore for the engineering sector, Rs 81.4 crore for medical and health services, Rs 35.78 crore for 1 million from Parks and horticulture, 15.62 million rupees from business and investment promotion, 1 million rupees from the Secretariat, and 100,000 rupees from information technology.

The largest expenditure of more than 5 billion rupees has been allocated to the Ministry of Medical and Health Services, while the expenditure under the regional ADP is estimated to be 5 billion rupees, of which 4.9 billion rupees are shown as debit services, transfer pensions and other miscellaneous expenses.

Similarly, Rs 33.8 crore was used for the municipal department, Rs 15.3 crore was used for CLICK, and Rs 1.263 crore was used for taxation departments, including land, real estate, OZT law enforcement, Katchi Abadis, PD Orangi and paid parking lot.

Others include 1.19 billion rupees for engineering; 10.3 billion rupees for parks and gardening; 8.52 billion rupees for the secretariat; 8.433 billion rupees for culture, sports and entertainment; 3.454 billion rupees for finance, accounting and MUCT, and 1.64926 for the legal department INR 88.6 million for business and investment promotion; INR 71.2 million for transportation and communications, and INR 62 million for the IT department.

The development projects for which funds have been allocated include: 800 million rupees for the construction of the road from Machhli Chowk to Kanupp Road, 300 million rupees for the restoration and development of Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani Road, 120 million rupees for clearing drainage ditches, and 100 million rupees To repair the expansion joints of the bridge, 100 million rupees were used to supply and install drainage and sewage pipes at the Zulfiqarabad tanker terminal, 81 million rupees were used to renovate and repair the arena, 80 million rupees were used to improve the fish tank, and 80 million rupees were used to develop and Repair roads, sidewalks and bridges.

Others include Rs 70 million for Shahabuddin Market near Queen’s Market, Rs 68 million for the purchase of ventilators for KMC Hospital, Rs 60 million for the installation and repair of street lights on Mai Kolachi Road, Rs 50 million for roadside tree planting, and Rs 5,000. Ten thousand rupees for the purchase of animals and birds in the Karachi Zoo and Wildlife Park, 49 million rupees for the purchase of medical, electrical and other equipment for the KMC Hospital, 40 million rupees for the development and improvement of the zoo and wildlife park, and 15 million rupees for the Aga Khan Park builds a badminton park.

Metropolitan Commissioner Denmark Said, Financial Advisor Ghulam Murtaza Bhutto, Senior Coordination Director Khalid Khan, Senior Finance and Accounting Director Rashid Nizam, Budget Director Nasir Mahmood, Benefit Director Mahmood Baig, Planning Director Afaq Mirza and other officials also attended the meeting.


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