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Scribe – the personalised step-by-step guide

Scribe – the personalised step-by-step guide


Scribe automatically builds a step-by-step guide on your computer to share with others, based on how you’ve completed tasks previously.

The application builds a visual step-by-step guide to a particular task you can share with others, with features such as┬átext prompts, screenshots, and annotations indicating where someone needs to click. The app’s Chrome extension works similarly to a video or walk through recorder.

Designed for teams and enterprises, Scribe offers a good free plan for users, allowing you to record, edit, and share any guide on the web.

Permissions will, however, have to be granted to record screen actions. Recording on a desktop might require you to subscribe to their premium plan of $29/month, which will offer you features like editing images to blur sensitive information, adding branding, and more.

The screen recording is pretty much like how it is in phones, with an icon at the top of the browser indicating Record. After the process is completed, you can click ‘Stop Recording’ and view the video, screenshots, title, and steps in a new tab that will open automatically. The video can be edited easily, including the title and descriptions. After the editing is completed, you can hit ‘Done’ and share the video link with anyone for information.

Scribe | Visual step-by-step guides

Scribe | Visual step-by-step guides

Scribe | Visual step-by-step guides

Scribe works best for companies who need to create step-by-step guides for their new employees or vloggers teaching their viewers how to achieve a specific task on a computer. Download the app here.


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