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PTI MPA brings charpoy to the Sindh Parliament as a mock coffin for democracy

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On Monday, the Sindh Provincial Assembly turned into a theater, and opposition lawmakers brought a car symbolizing a democratic funeral in the House of Representatives.

Due to loud protests by lawmakers belonging to the Pakistan Justice Movement (PTI) near the speakers’ podium, the House of Representatives fell into chaos during the meeting.

The uniformed security guards of the Provincial Assembly had to fight the PTI legislators because they tried to force a small car into the venue while the meeting was going on.

After stubborn resistance, the parliamentary security personnel supported by the legislator on the treasury bench thwarted this unusual attempt by removing the car from the legislator’s chair in the lobby. Fortunately, no one was injured in the attempt.

The Speaker of the Sindh Provincial Assembly, Agha Siraj Khan Durrani, asked the assembly staff to immediately remove the car from the assembly hall. During the tension, a female parliamentarian from PTI told security guards that she should not be touched. Later, PTI lawmakers chanting slogans held a protest sit-in near the speaker’s podium, and the banner in Urdu said it was a democratic funeral.

After the opposition leader, Haleem Adil Sheikh of PTI and the leader of the opposition parliamentary party did not have the opportunity to participate in the general parliamentary discussion on the new provincial budget, PTI MPA resorted to protest.

PTI lawmakers stated that the ruling Pakistan People’s Party in the province completely ignores democratic norms, so the opposition has no choice but to hold a symbolic democratic funeral. Due to the strong protests and serious commotion in the House of Representatives, almost all items on the agenda of the meeting were not discussed in any meaningful way. It is just that the House of Representatives passed the “Sindhism Protection of Journalists and Other Media Practitioners in 2021” The Act.

As soon as the proceedings began, opposition leaders sought the chairman’s permission on procedural issues, which caused commotion. The speaker stated that he will give the leader of the opposition party a chance to speak after the question time. However, Sheikh insisted on giving him the opportunity to speak immediately. Later his microphone was turned off. The speaker strongly opposed the PTI lawmakers bringing a charpoy in the House of Representatives. He said that this incident seriously violated the sanctity of the assembly. He announced that he would take action against the wrong legislators involved in the incident.

Sindh Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla (Mukesh Kumar Chawla) also expressed serious dissatisfaction with the opposition marine reserve. The chairman later adjourned the meeting until today (Tuesday) at 2 pm.

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