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PTI leader escaped the second attack in 12 days

PTI leader escaped the second attack in 12 days


Within 12 days, on Monday, a local leader of the Pakistan Justice Movement (PTI) escaped a second attack in the city’s life.

In the most recent attack, an unidentified gunman attacked the local PTI leader Essa Khan near the northern bypass in the Gulshan-e-Maymar area, but Khan and his driver were fortunate to survive the attack.

After receiving the news, the police rushed to the scene of the crime to investigate the attack. The person in charge of PTI told the police that four suspects came to attack him and fired three shots at his car.

District West SSP Suhai Aziz told the media that an empty shell was seized from the crime scene. The car and empty shell of the PTI leader were sent to the forensic department of the Sindh police.

The police said that they are investigating the case from different angles, and they are also trying to find the connection between the recent attack and the first attack. On June 16, 12 days ago, Khan was attacked near Basti, Afghanistan, in Gulshan-e-Maymar. Unidentified armed assailants attacked his car, killed his wife and wounded him.

His wife was hit in the head once, which was fatal to her, while Khan was hit in the arm twice. There was also a six-month-old baby girl in the car. Fortunately, she was not injured. The attack happened when Khan, his wife and children went home after going to the doctor.


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