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Pakistan, UAE officials negotiate on travel ban: FO

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The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zahid Hafiz Chodri. — Application/File

Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri (Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri) said that officials from Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are negotiating a travel ban. Geographic News Reported on Monday.

According to Gulf News, the UAE extended the ban on flights from Pakistan and 13 other countries on June 26 to July 21, and cited the Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) issued in this regard.

Other countries include India, Nigeria, South Africa, Liberia, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Zambia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka.

In the notice, the Federal Aviation Administration stated that cargo flights and commercial and charter flights will receive exceptions.

Dubai said on June 19 that the entry ban on people who have visited India, Nigeria and South Africa in the past 14 days will be relaxed from June 23.

At the same time, Chaudhry hopes that the UAE will cancel the travel warning because the country’s coronavirus situation is better than in several other states.

The spokesperson said: “The Minister of Foreign Affairs Shah Mahmoud Qureshi recently discussed this issue with the UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed.”

The spokesperson of the Civil Aviation Administration Saad Ayub said that according to the notice from the UAE’s Civil Aviation Administration, flights from Pakistan, India, South Africa, Nigeria and several other countries were banned on July 21 and will be decided after Cancel or maintain the ban.

The spokesperson said: “The UAE has banned flights from Pakistan from May 12.”

At the same time, the diplomat told Geographic News that the UAE’s decision to allow visa holders from India and other countries where the COVID-19 situation is worse than Pakistan-and denying Pakistanis the same rights-caused people’s concerns. Worry.

Turkey revises Pakistan and Afghanistan quarantine policy

At the same time, later that day, the Turkish authorities issued a revised policy regarding mandatory quarantine requirements for passengers arriving in Turkey.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the quarantine period for passengers from Pakistan and Afghanistan has been reduced from 14 days to 10 days under the new policy that will take effect on July 1.

At the same time, passengers from Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Nepal, South Africa and Sri Lanka will continue to observe the mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

The statement said: “The Turkish authorities also notified that more details about the quarantine arrangements will be released soon, including the selection of passengers from Pakistan.”

“According to scientific data, the Turkish authorities have been asked to reconsider the policy of imposing mandatory quarantine requirements on passengers from Pakistan. The Pakistani Embassy will continue to maintain contact with the Turkish authorities on this matter,” it added.

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