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Pakistan cannot be forced to change or lower its relations with China: Prime Minister Imran Khan

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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday that Pakistan cannot be forced to change or lower its relations with China, because he sees the United States and Western powers as a task to force countries to choose sides.

In an exclusive interview with Liu Xin, the prime minister said that Pakistan and China have had a “very special relationship” for more than 70 years, and nothing can change these tried-and-tested relationships. CGTN.

In an interview, the Prime Minister spoke in detail about the deep-rooted relationship between the two countries. He emphasized that no matter what happens, no matter what pressure is exerted on Pakistan, the relationship between the two countries will not change.

He said that the region is undergoing a “strange competition among powers”.

“The U.S. remains vigilant against China […] I don’t need to say, because this is a well-known way of looking at each other […] So it will cause problems. “

He pointed out that the United States has formed a regional alliance called “Quad”, which includes India and several other countries.

“So, from this perspective, Pakistan believes that this is very unfair to the United States and other Western powers. [to make] Countries like Pakistan are on the side. Why do we choose a side station? We should maintain a good relationship with everyone,” he insisted.

The Prime Minister made it clear that Pakistan cannot be forced to change its relations with China or lower its relations with China.

“The relationship between Pakistan and China is very deep. It is not only the government, but also the relationship between people,” the prime minister said.

The Prime Minister further stated that when Pakistan encounters political and international troubles, or conflicts with neighboring countries, China will always stand by it.

He said that the Chinese people occupies a special place in the hearts of Pakistanis, and added: “You remember the friends who have always stood with you. In good times, everyone stands with you, but in the difficult, difficult and In a downturn, you will remember the people standing next to you.”

He said that the Pakistani people have such feelings for the Chinese people.

In answering another question, the Prime Minister said that the political relationship between the two countries is getting closer and that Pakistan and China stand together in all international forums.

Speaking of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), he said that this is “the biggest thing that has happened in Pakistan” and the direction of its economic development in the future.

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