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Only vaccinated people are allowed to enter the wedding hall, cinema: NCOC

Only vaccinated people are allowed to enter the wedding hall, cinema: NCOC



The National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) said on Monday that from July 1, it will allow fully vaccinated people to enter movie theaters and wedding halls.

NCOC said in a statement that 400 people have been allowed to participate in outdoor weddings, while only vaccinated people are allowed to participate in indoor weddings, up to a maximum of 200 people.

NCOC stated that the wedding hall association and management will also develop a plan to check the vaccination certificates of guests and ensure that relevant staff are vaccinated.

The forum’s statement stated that this development took place during the NCOC meeting and was chaired by Asad Umar, Minister of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives.

The forum reviewed the current disease situation in the country in detail and made a number of decisions, which will be implemented from July 1 to 31, and will be reviewed on July 27.

The cinema is open until 1:00 a.m.

The statement said that the cinema is only allowed to reopen to vaccinated individuals in accordance with the strict COVID-19 protocol before 1 am.

The cinema’s management will establish a mechanism to check visitor vaccination certificates and ensure that relevant management and employees are vaccinated.

NCOC stated that restaurant and hotel management will establish a mechanism to check guest vaccination certificates and will ensure that their respective management and employees are vaccinated, adding that takeaways will be allowed 24/7.

The market and commercial activities will continue until 10pm. However, basic services-gas stations, pharmacies, medical facilities, vaccination centers, dairy shops, TandoorAnd takeaway — Allow 24/7 operation.

Subject to strict compliance with COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), federal units may decide to reopen the temple at their own discretion.

The statement stated that the wider blockade based on the strict implementation of the agreement based on risk assessment will continue, and NCOC will regularly share heat maps with federal agencies to implement the blockade.

At the same time, all types of indoor and outdoor gatherings, including cultural, music, religious and various activities, are prohibited.

The office operates at 100% attendance

The normal working hours of public and private offices have also been announced, with an attendance rate of 100%. The ban on contact sports — karate, boxing, martial arts, rugby, water polo, kabaddi, and wrestling — will continue.

The gym will only be open to people who are vaccinated, and facility staff must also be vaccinated.

According to the strict COVID-19 SOP, public transportation can operate at a 70% occupancy rate. Allow railway services to operate at a 70% occupancy rate.

There will be a closing day within a week, and the choice of that day will be at the discretion of the joint unit.

The current inbound passenger policy will continue until there are further orders, and a tourism policy will be issued at the same time.

The summer vacation of the education department will be determined by each federation unit, and NCOC does not arrange meetings in this regard.


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