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NYT’s most played app after Wordle

NYT’s most played app after Wordle


Connections is a game that invites players to categorise 16 words or phrases into four distinct groups of four. The new puzzle game debuted in June and is already the second most-played game according to The New York Times.

After Wordle took the hype and had everyone tuning in for its daily puzzle, this intriguing game was initially a web-based puzzle and is now available on The New York Times and New York Times Games apps on iOS and Android.

“Each day reveals a clever, thoughtful, relevant, human-made puzzle that tries to trick you, and makes the challenge of solving it extremely rewarding,” said New York Times head of games Jonathan Knight

Similar to Worlde, you get one puzzle a day, and though it might seem simpler, it is much harder than most would think. With its simple interface, the game is easy to play and navigate. According to The Times, nine out of 10 people who play the game will see it through until the end, regardless of their result.

The game begins by providing players with a list of words that need to be sorted and categorised into four groups, based on commonality.

Players will get four trials to figure out the right grouping, which will appear as this.

Connections Game - Play Connections Wordle

A bit like Wordle, the game enables you to focus and think extensively to figure out the right answer. The game also has different levels color-coded, to signify how easy or difficult the particular puzzle is.

While the mobile app couldn’t be found in the Store, it is available for free here.


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