Monday, April 15, 2024

NED University announces results of joint voting

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NED University of Engineering and Technology announced the results of the election of teacher representative syndicates.

According to the spokesperson, Professor Raza Ali Khan and Professor Ataullah Khawaja competed for the professorship. Dr. Kashif Ahmed, Dr. Shahnila Zardari, and Dr. Moaz Akhtar participated in the associate professorship. Dr. Muhammad Uzair, Dr. Muhammad Amir Qureshi, Dr. Kamran Zakaria, Dr. Engineer Javed Hanif and Dr. Safi Ahmad Zakai competed for the assistant professor seat, while Kashif Israr and Muhammad Samad Khan competed for the seat to speak. Dr. Raza Ali Khan, Dr. Shahnila Zardari, Safi Ahmed Zakai and Dr. Kashif Israr. All the representatives had been elected as members of the syndicate for three years.

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