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Murad rescues blind elderly soft drink vendor

Murad rescues blind elderly soft drink vendor


The Chief Minister of Sindh Province Said Murad Ali Shah came on Sunday to rescue an elderly blind man who sold soft drinks on the side of the road in the Tariq Road area.

The Chief Executive, accompanied by the Minister of Information and Local Government Said Nasir Hussein Shah, met with roadside vendors near the Rehmania Masjid on Tariq Road during the raid on the city.

During the visit to the Tariq Road area, CM noticed that the board displayed near the old man said that the vendor was a blind person and used the sidewalk space to sell soft drinks, calling on higher-level government departments, including CM, that the city government should not harass him .

After seeing the appeal, CM stayed at the scene for a short time and bought soft drinks for himself and his entourage. After paying the elderly hawker, CM recognized himself and asked the people who had been bothering him.

The soft drink seller said he was disturbed by the police and the local government. CM immediately called another deputy chief and senior superintendent in the eastern district, as well as the administrator of the Karachi Metropolitan Company, and instructed them not to disturb the supplier.

CM ordered senior officials to buy soft drinks from the elderly every time they visited the area because he realized that the elderly was earning a living for the family members in the family through honest means. He said that the elderly hawker should be seen as a symbol of striving to make a living.

The Chief Executive asked the relevant officials to do their utmost to provide convenience to the elderly seller to help him conduct his roadside business with dignity and safety.

Also present at the meeting were the Cabinet colleagues of the Chief Minister, namely Mir Shabbir Ali Bijarani, Taimur Talpur and the spokesperson of the Sindh Provincial Government and Murtaza Wahab, CM Legal Counsel.


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