Meta to test content tools for advertisers later this year

Meta to test content tools for advertisers later this year

Meta Platforms Inc on Thursday said it will build new tools to allow brands to prevent their ads from appearing next to unsuitable content on Facebook and Instagram, and will begin testing the tools later this year to launch in early 2023.

The social media company also said it selected advertising measurement firm Zefr as its partner to provide outside verification that ads appeared only next to suitable content.

The move is part of Meta’s answer to longstanding demands from the advertising industry, which has advocated for brands to be given greater control over where their ads appear online. Advertisers have demanded tools to help them customize and prevent ads from appearing adjacent to content the brand deems unsuitable, such as politics or news about death or violence.

Meta said it will build such controls for the Facebook and Instagram feeds for English-speaking markets first.

Next year, the company plans to expand the content controls to include other languages, the Stories feature and short-form video feature Reels, among other parts of the apps.

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