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Mario Golf: The swing of the super sprint is too large

Mario Golf: The swing of the super sprint is too large


these years, Mario tried many activities, from tennis, happily, to Dance revolution, Not to mention. But his most effective transformation has always been golf. He provided the chaotic yin for the orderly yang of golf. He subverted tradition. Golf will feel restricted by the pace of the elderly and dusty rules and regulations. Mario Golf Let you slow down and cast your Titleist like American football.

Golf has been struggling with a dull reputation for elitism, Mario Golf Everyone is always welcome, from princesses to plumbers, from naked dinosaurs to Varuji. In the words of PG Wodehouse, the place to play golf is “knowledge that only God sees”, Mario Golf It’s a godless chaos playing under the barren sky, and only Toad can see it.

But in a painful revelation, the latest Mario Golf Teaching you too many changes can be a bad thing.because Mario Golf: Super Sprint-The seventh part of the series dating back to NES-This is the best when Mario’s chaotic new rules do not completely obscure the core of the game of golf.

There are many different modes in it Mario Golf: Super Sprint, Although some have little resemblance to golf, all of them make you swing the club when you hit the ball.This game follows the same basic formula: investigate the trap hole, choose Miki on the putter, And then mix and match through a series of timely buttons to hit the ball with appropriate spin and power. You play one of many Nintendo characters, pimping in golf pants. Each has its own attributes and “special shots” and can do things such as freezing the ground under the opponent’s feet or wrapping their ball in an egg.

Super sprint The most interesting in standard golf mode: this is recognizable golf, playing 18 holes on a Mario themed course. The first two of them, Rookie Course and Bonny Greens, are a classic combination of manicured lawns and hungry bunkers. To be honest, they are a bit boring, but a good place to hone your skills before you head to the zanier climate.The next four are unlocked by playing 18 holes in the front course, distributed in the Mushroom Kingdom; fans of Mario Odyssey Will be happy. Ridgerock Lake is a tortuous archipelago inhabited by Ty-foos, which blow you and your ball towards the watery doom; Balmy Dunes is a desert oasis where you must avoid Pokeys like cacti; Wildweather Woods Featured with piranha plants and lightning storms. Finally, the most comical place, Bowser Heights, consists of the fiery traps and lakes of the Dragon of Vengeance. All courses are full of vitality and characteristics, is a true Nintendo iconic landscape tour.

Although there is a competent online mode, the couch multiplayer game is where the game excels. Here, hit your ball into Bowser’s lava again and again, and receive the real abuse that it deserves. You can use only one controller to pass between you and your friends.It’s worth noting that while shooting Super sprint It may be too simplistic: Although it takes several hours to hit the eagle one by one, the right club is usually chosen for you. You can largely ignore the more technical aspects of the game, such as wind speed and The pitch is sloped while still completing a qualified shot.

The other modes of the game are different in entertainment. Speed ​​golf is the headline news; interestingly, it was not invented by Nintendo, but a real sport, a response to the slow split of traditional golf. (Watch Jamie Reid in New Zealand Won the 6th British Open Speed ​​Golf Championship).in Super sprint, You sprint between holes, each shot will add 30 seconds. Of course, you can attack your opponent: energy items are everywhere on the court, such as red hearts that allow you to sprint longer, and coins that can fill up your special shooting meter.One undressed Mario KartAll this is far less exciting than imagined, and it feels like a vague and meaningless episode, especially in a less busy course.


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