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Man was injured, 4 shops, 10 cars were burned in gas cylinder explosion

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Lahore: On Tuesday, a man was burned. At least 4 stores and 10 cars exploded in a gas store restricted by the police in Garden Town.

This incident caused panic in the local area because people thought it was another explosion after the explosion in Jowhar Town. The cylinder exploded due to a gas leak. Witnesses said that when there was a fire, a fire broke out in a shop in Barkat Market. After a while, the entire store was swallowed by a huge fire. As the shops and surrounding areas were filled with gas cylinders, the gas cylinders began to explode one by one. Fire and smoke billowed in the sky. Witnesses recorded a video of the huge explosion. People began to walk out of the square in panic. As a result, at least 10 cars parked nearby caught fire and were damaged. Only three parked cars were rescued. Four adjacent shops were also on fire. Valuable items worth 100,000 rupees were destroyed. The citizens witnessed the thick smoke billowing from a distance.

People nearby called the rescue team. Firemen rushed to the scene and put out the fire. The wounded who were identified as Buta were transferred to a nearby hospital. The rescuers controlled the fire through intense efforts. Gas continued to leak from the cylinder for several hours. However, rescuers ensured that it would not catch fire again.

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