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LinkedIn features you might not know about

LinkedIn features you might not know about


Over time, LinkedIn has become a popular platform for job seekers and providers.

For many job applications, a LinkedIn profile is compulsory as it shows the candidate’s complete professional history.

If you have just joined the bandwagon and made a LinkedIn profile or are planning to make one, here are some features that can help you get a better experience on the job-seeking platform;

1. Private mode while viewing profiles

Usually, if you view someone’s profile, LinkedIn notifies that person about it. However, if you want to keep the other person from knowing about you, LinkedIn got you covered. Go to the Settings & Privacy menu and select the Visibility option from the list. Now choose Profile viewing options and select Private Mode.

2. Create a showcase page

As a business, if you want to target and direct a specific audience to particular businesses or products, then setting up a showcase page will be very helpful. Audiences can follow the showcase page instead of the main company’s page. To set up one, go to your company’s page and click Admin Tools. Now choose Showcase Page from the menu.

3. Add media files to the profile

If you want to showcase your skill/talent/profile through any videos, documents, photos, links, and presentations, then LinkedIn allows you to do so. To add any media file, click on the Edit profile option. Click the edit button in any section and find the Media option to add your file in different formats.

4. Customised notifications

Constant daily notifications can often get cluttered and hence become useless. Here is what you can do to ensure that you only receive specific notifications and use them. LinkedIn allows users to either mute/unmute, unfollow or turn off notifications that are not important. To choose any of these options, go to View Settings under the Notifications tab and choose accordingly.


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