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LHC CJ rejects SP’s apology

LHC CJ rejects SP’s apology


Lahore: The Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court Mohammed Qasim Khan again rejected SP Operations Sadar Hafeezur Rehman Bugti’s written unconditional apology on Tuesday because the official refused to admit the error of the misstatement, saying he was ready to accept it. Trial. When the police officer’s lawyer submitted a copy of the written unconditional apology, the chief justice pointed out that the apology still did not plead guilty. The lawyer asked the court to accept an apology because the official’s career was at stake. When asked about the procedures for punishing civil servants for misleading the court, a provincial legal official told the Chief Justice that SP could be sentenced to three months in prison through a summary trial. He said that SP may also be convicted until the court goes up.


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