Thursday, February 22, 2024

iOS 17.3 is out with Stolen Device Protection

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iOS 17.3 has come out with new exciting features including a security tool that intends to prevent thieves from stealing the device and accessing private information on iCloud like bank details and emails.

Instead of just a Lock Screen passcode for security, users will be expected to unlock accessibility to certain functions, with fingerprint or Face ID. To ensure high-end security, Apple has added a waiting period while performing certain sensitive actions that will require a “Face ID or Touch ID, an hour wait, and then an additional successful biometric authentication.” This, however, will only be applicable when the device has been located in unfamiliar locations.

To enable this function on iPhones, users will need to navigate through Settings, to Face ID & Passcode, enter the security passcode and toggle the feature.

iOS 17.3 is also bringing collaborated playlists for friends to create their shared playlist on Apple Music.

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