Intel 14th Gen CPU details leak


Details of Intel’s upcoming 14th-generation processors were leaked accidentally by MSI. MSI had originally posted a comprehensive training video for the forthcoming processor, codenamed Raptor Lake-S Refresh. The training video has since been set to private.

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According to the leaked information, the new desktop processors will offer a three percent increase in speed compared to the 13th Gen, with the Core i7 experiencing a substantial 17 percent boost in multithread workloads. The core counts will remain unchanged, as the 13th Gen also includes the Core i5-14600K and Core i9-14900K.

Additionally, the Intel 7 (10nm) manufacturing process will remain the same as in the 13th Gen chips. However, the 14th-generation chips will support higher DDR5 frequencies and feature enhancements in L3 cache.

The official announcement is expected to take place at Intel’s Innovation 2023 event next month.


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