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Google opens access to generative AI in search

Google opens access to generative AI in search


Google has started to roll out its AI-powered search engine today in the US.

In an announcement on its website, Google said that its Search Generative Experience (SGE) and other Search Labs are now open to the public for testing in the US. Users need to sign up and join the waitlist. Once their turn comes, users will receive an email.

Google’s plan for Search Generative Experience (SGE) was revealed in Google I/O 2023, announcing it as a combination of conversational AI and the classic search experience.

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Unlike Bing AI, users can use the same search bar to get AI-powered search results. The AI-powered results appear in a shaded section right below the search bar and sponsored results.

If the user wants to ask more questions from the AI, there is an option to “ask a follow-up question” or select a suggested next step, which will take the user into conversational mode.

Google is still making updates and adding more options to its products to cater to more audiences and make them more efficient.


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