Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Google DeepMind co-founder calls for US to enforce AI standards

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The US should allow Nvidia’s artificial intelligence (AI) chips only to buyers who agree to ethically use the technology, Google DeepMind’s co-founder Mustafa Suleyman told the Financial Times on Friday.

The US should enforce minimum global standards for the use of AI, and companies should at a minimum agree to abide by the same pledge made by leading AI firms to the White House, Suleyman said.

In July, AI companies including OpenAI, Alphabet and Meta Platforms made voluntary commitments to the White House to implement measures such as watermarking AI-generated content to help make the technology safer.

“The US should mandate that any consumer of Nvidia chips signs up to at least the voluntary commitments — and more likely, more than that,” Suleyman said.

The US has expanded restriction of exports of sophisticated Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices artificial-intelligence chips beyond China to other regions including some countries in the Middle East.

Mustafa Suleyman is also the chief executive of Inflection AIa Microsoft-backed AI startup that raised $1.3 billion in June from Nvidia and other firms.

In May, Inflection released an AI chatbot named Pi that uses generative AI technology to interact with users through conversations, in which people can ask questions and share interests.

Executives and experts have been calling on AI developers to work with policymakers on governance and regulatory authorities.

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