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Efficient ways to manage files with Dropbox

Efficient ways to manage files with Dropbox


Our devices hold thousands of files which can be very important for daily use. The greater the number of files, the harder it gets to keep track of them.

To keep all the data sorted, Dropbox comes to the rescue. It helps the user store their files, access them, and share them when needed. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, this cloud storage platform has become an essential tool for individuals and businesses alike. To help you enhance your file management experience, here are some quick tips related to Dropbox;

1. Collect files from your team

Dropbox’s “File Requests” feature is a convenient way to gather files without needing your team members to have Dropbox accounts or access to your folders. Click File Requests in the left sidebar and choose New Request in the right sidebar. Under Title, enter a name for your request and add details under the Description tab. In the Folder for uploaded files section, you’ll find the location for your requested files. If you want to change this location, just click Change folder. You can also set a deadline by checking the box next to Set Deadline and choosing a date and time. Once you’re ready, click Create.

To request files, simply enter the email, name, or group of the person(s) you need files from. They’ll receive an email notification about your request. Click Share to finalize this step.

2. Sync seamlessly across all devices

If you work on different devices and want it to be synced on all of them then Install the Dropbox app on your various devices to ensure your files are always accessible and synchronized. Start a document on your computer and seamlessly continue working on it using your mobile device. You can also opt for Selective sync where only a limited number of files will be synced on your devices.

3. Maximize the available space

Dropbox offers 2GB of free space. However, there are ways to increase your free storage without needing a monthly subscription. By inviting friends who haven’t joined Dropbox yet, you can earn up to 16GB of additional free space. Each successful referral rewards you with 500MB. To acquire an extra 3GB of free space, simply download Carousel, Dropbox’s free photo management app. If you also link your Dropbox account with Mailbox, the email app, you’ll receive another 1GB of space.

4. Scan your documents

With the help of the Dropbox mobile app, you can scan documents directly into your account with any mobile. Once you open the Dropbox app on your mobile device, tap the plus button (+). Now select Scan document and then either take a photo of the desired document or pick an image from your camera roll. Your document will be then scanned.


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