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DRAP recovered a large number of drugs stolen from NICVD and CHK

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On Monday, when the National Anti-Counterfeit Task Force raided a number of shops and a warehouse in Katchi Gali and Hussainabad districts of Karachi, a large amount of drugs were stolen from the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) and Ruth KM Pfao Civil Hospital.

“The national task force against DRAP counterfeit medicines raided various shops and warehouses in the notorious Katchi Gali and Hussainabad districts in the southern district today, and seized large quantities of medicines stolen from the Sindh Provincial Government Hospital. During these raids, officials A large number of counterfeit drugs have also been seized,” the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Drug Administration of Pakistan (DRAP) said in a news interview.

Asim Rauf, the head of DRAP, stated that during the raid on Zeenat Extension in Katchi Gali, thousands of bottles of injections, pills and other drugs stolen from public hospitals in Sindh were recovered, adding that A large number of counterfeit drugs have also been discovered, which are being sent for laboratory analysis for investigation.

“There are a large number of injections and oral drugs, marked with’Sindh Provincial Government Property; Sale Prohibited’, which indicates that these drugs were stolen from public hospitals and sold to merchants in Katchi Gali.” Rauf said DRAP officials have made huge gains. With their success, they finally found the culprit who deprived those who deserved free drugs.

“This action was taken under the surveillance and efforts of our officials. They spent several months collecting evidence and taking action when all the evidence is available. I will call on people to report to DRAP’s toll-free number 0800-03727 Any such crimes,” he said, promising not to reveal the identity of the people who helped DRAP.

DRAP officials revealed that they have recovered drugs stolen from NICVD and CHK, including expensive injections used to anaesthetize patients, as well as antibiotics, steroids and other types of drugs. They added that drugs stolen from other medical institutions were also stolen during the raid.

“After months of surveillance, we managed to seize the drugs stolen from NICVD, CHK and other health institutions. These drugs are marked with the name of the supplier, so they cannot be sold on the open market. This is something for DRAP. A huge success,” said Najam-us-Saqib, another director of DRAP Sindh. He stated that the stolen drugs were found in 8 to 9 shops of Zeenat Extension in Katchi Gali and a warehouse in the Hussainabad area. They include Restane, which is used for anesthesia, top antibiotics, and other important drugs.

“All these drugs and a large number of counterfeit drugs have been confiscated and are being sent to the laboratory for analysis. We will initiate criminal prosecutions against those involved in theft and other heinous crimes. There is a huge network involved, and law enforcement agencies are involved. Keep the arrest of criminals confidential.”

Commenting on the recovery of stolen drugs in the drug market, an official of the Sindh provincial government said that some officials in the provincial drug administration and the government’s central warehouse may be behind the scenes. They stole drugs from hospitals and sold them across the country.

“Some drug inspectors may have been involved in heinous crimes and are contacting law enforcement agencies and anti-corruption agencies to investigate them. There are also people in the stores of medical institutions and central pharmacies who are behind this crime. No one can. Spared,” the official said.

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