Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Discord to offer more games, apps inside its chats

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Discord has been experimenting with apps and games in its chats through Activities feature, but now the company is ready to officially launch the features on its platform. The dedicated SDK for developers will be able to join the chat-fun from March 18, with the ability to build experiences that are embedded in an iframe within Discord.

In a blog post, Discord said, “Plenty of Discord Developers out there have had their eyes on Activities, wondering when they could create their own,” which were available only to a select number of developers. The new tool is set to be available soon for all users, adding more features to chats besides just watching YouTube, playing poker, or sharing a whiteboard.

The company is also ready to bring back app pitches, a program that encouraged developers to pitch app ideas and get up to $3000 in funding. Last year, Discord funded a couple apps, including a coral reef cam, a city-building sim, and an art portfolio app.

The platform has additionally announced that it’s experimenting with technology that allows users to add apps to their accounts. A beta version of this tool is set to launch with the SDK on March 18. Users will begin to see apps popping up “within DMs, group chats and small servers.”

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