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Create games with advanced AI tools using Unity

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Unity is a fantastic programme used by game developers, architects, and artists for creating and operating interactive, RT3D content. However, its new AI tools has made game development easy for everyone not familiar with its software development.

Unity adds a new layer of complexity and intelligence to your game with its advanced tools which are easy to understand and use. The user-friendly app is easy to navigate and once you understand the app and its tools, it becomes easier to begin developing games.

The well-organised software includes various features including Scene view, Game view, and Hierarchy window. The drag-and-drop functionality simplifies asset integration, while the Inspector window allows for easy customization.

How to get started making a video game | Unity

After you’ve grasped the basics of the programme, especially its GameObjects, components, physics, scripting in C#, and how the Unity Editor works, you can choose the AI technique you want to implement to develop a kind of game. Some of the techniques include:

  • Pathfinding Algorithms: Implement navigation systems like A* (A star) for characters to find the best paths from one point to another.

  • Behavior Trees: Create decision-making structures that allow characters to follow a set of actions based on conditions.

  • Machine Learning: Train AI agents using techniques like reinforcement learning, neural networks, or genetic algorithms to make decisions and improve their performance over time.

  • Neural Networks: Use neural networks to create AI that can learn patterns from data, such as character animations or opponent behaviors.

Depending on the choice you’ve selected, you can use the designated special tools and platform for the desired task.

  • For characters to find paths, use special pathfinding tools and make them move along the path.
  • For decision-making, create a plan for characters using visual components and write code to follow the plan.
  • For learning AI, pick a method (like training through rewards), set up the game situation, and teach the AI.
  • For AI mimicking, train a model with character actions and make it control characters.

Unity’s Asset Store offers a vast collection of 3D models, textures, animations, and plugins that can accelerate your development process, for both character models and environmental assets. With C# scripting, Unity provides a robust framework for creating interactive and dynamic gameplay experiences, with integrated MonoDevelop IDE, which has powerful debugging tools, ensuring that your code runs smoothly.

How to get started making a video game | Unity

How to get started making a video game | Unity

The programme has a Teams feature enabling multiple users to work seamlessly on the same project in real-time. The Visual Effect Graph allows developers to create stunning particle effects and dynamic visuals, adding a layer of polish and sophistication.

With Unity you can seamlessly export your game to various platforms on mobile devices, consoles, or PCs. You can get more details and learn about how the programme works with free tutorials at Unity Learn.

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