Monday, April 15, 2024

Bluesky to let users pick their moderation filters

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Bluesky will soon let its users customise their own moderation filters for their feed using an open-source moderation tool called Ozone. This will aid users and developers in seeing how they can manage and moderate their content with additional services.

Though the company already has a dedicated content moderation team with set rules in place that apply to all users, Ozone will help users expand what’s moderated to their liking, allowing them to subscribe to additional moderation services that label, annotate, or hide certain types of posts.

Bluesky explained the tool with an example where the moderation tool could be used to prevent images of certain objects, like spiders, from appearing on user feeds. If any image does still slide through to the feed, it can be reported for review.

“You can build all sorts of different moderation services and customize your experience to create the kind of community you want,” Bluesky CEO Jay Graber told The Verge. “Beyond that, you’re going to be able to mix and match these in different ways, and we’ve put out the open-source tooling for that.”

Bluesky’s moderation tool will let users create block lists that won’t be tied to an individual account with custom labels and the ability to report a queue. Ozone is expected to be open-sourced today, while the moderation tools will be enabled later this week.

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