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Bilawal Bhutto, FM Qureshi indulged in a war of words during the NA meeting

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PPP Chairman Birawal Bhutto and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi.

On Wednesday, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi clashed at the budget meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, the PPP chair slammed the NA Speaker and the government for “manipulating” the process of approving the budget.

After severely criticizing the government on the terms of the 2021-22 budget and condemning the legislative process that took place on Tuesday, the PPP chairman left the House of Representatives after his speech.

“He talked a lot [parliamentariy] The procedure; I also want to talk about the procedure,” said the enthusiastic Qureshi after speaking with Bilaval and former prime minister Shahid Hakan Abasi.

“Where did he go after his speech? I hope he comes back,” he added.

The Foreign Minister said: “I would like to invite Vilawal Bhutto to return to his seat; now come back to the scene and listen to us.”

When the PPP chairman and another legislator were by his side, enthusiastic applause erupted from the opposition seats in the National Assembly.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke briefly, but after receiving strong criticism from opposition lawmakers, he asked the spokesperson to let JUI-F MNA speak and then sit down.

Later, when Bhutto mocked the Foreign Minister, a war of words broke out between the two leaders.

“I want to request the Prime Minister to order the Intelligence Service of the Three Services to record Shah Mahmoud Qureshi’s phone call,” Bhutto mocked. “When he was our foreign minister, he launched a campaign around the world to make him prime minister instead of Yusuf Raza Gilani,” he added.

The PPP leader added: “This is why we fired his position as Minister of Foreign Affairs.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs responded to the allegations of the PPP leader, telling him that he “knows Bhutto since he was a child.”

He hit back at the PPP chairman, calling him a “child.”

“I have known you since you were a child, and I also know your parents,” he added.

“If the opposition leader is not allowed to speak, the Prime Minister will not be able to speak here”

After Bhutto concluded his speech, former Prime Minister Shahid Hakan Abasi said that he supported everything the PPP chairman said.

Like Bhutto, Abbas pointed the finger at Speaker Assad Kaiser and criticized him for not complying with the agreement with opposition members.

“We are sitting with you and reaching agreements time and time again, but no one pays attention to them,” he complained.

The PML-N leader said that according to the House of Representatives rules, whenever a vote or a vote is recorded, the vote should be recounted.

Speaking of the imprisoned MNA Khursheed Shah and Ali Wazir Khan, Abasi said they also have the right to participate in parliamentary procedures.

“Khursheed Shah is one of the oldest members of this House of Representatives,” he said. “Have you not seen Khursheed Shah’s chair vacant for two years?” He added.

The former prime minister told the speaker that the National Assembly “operates according to the rules, not your will.”

When the PML-N leader spoke, members of the Minister of Finance began chanting slogans and mocking him. Abbas said that if the Minister of Finance also prevents opposition leaders from speaking, Prime Minister Imran Khan will not be allowed to speak.

“If the leader of the opposition party cannot speak here, the leader of the House of Representatives will not be able to [speak] Likewise,” he added.

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