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a better version of Grammarly

a better version of Grammarly


Gone are the days when simple Microsoft Word grammar tool corrections would adequately satisfy the writer before being sent out. While Grammarly, one of the first few AI grammar tool checkers, became widely popular with users from many professions, the premium subscription was still pricey and the free basic version lost touch with its accurate suggestions.

ProWritingAid provides reasonable premium packages with similar services, a great value for money. The premium writing editor and grammar checker is designed for bloggers, content writers, journalists, and even novelists.

The tool optimizes written content, corrects errors, and rectifies grammatical and punctuation mistakes.

Edit Your Writing Professionally For Free With ProWritingAid

The tool works on both Windows and Mac and can be installed as an extension to your browser like Grammarly. Users can also download the app and install it on their computers to upload or copy-paste files onto the field, to check for grammar errors, spelling and better readability.

The spellchecker underlines misspelled words, grammar mistakes are underlined in blue, while weak sentence structure and substandard writing are highlighted.

The browser extension will further check overused words, vague phrases, incorrect tenses, cliches, overall readability of the article, etc. The tool can be edited to match writing styles and tones, along with editing suggestions.

ProWritingAid for Microsoft® Office

Managing Your ProWritingAid Account

Despite not having a mobile application like Grammarly, ProWritingAid is a fantastic AI tool for grammar and spelling checks for written content, priced at $30/month and $10/month for a yearly payment.


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