A better version of ChatGPT intends to create AI messaging


Quora has been working on an app called Poe, to fill the gap in features that ChatGPT does not provide and to make all chatbots easier to use in one place.

“We have a lot of different things we want to build on top of this technology,” Adam D’Angelo, the CEO of Quora says. “But the starting point is just, let’s make it easy for people to use it.”

With emerging AI tech, Angelo believes that it won’t be long before dozens of bots are created all over for different purposes by small tech startups. He wants Poe to be the platform, developers trust to place their bots instead of creating their own apps.

“So we hope that by bringing down the barrier to creating a good user experience we will enable this explosion of applications,” D’Angelo told The Verge.

Recently, Quora announced a user-created bots feature that allowed users to build their own bot to talk to with different features, like teaching them Japanese or conversing like a pirate.

The Quora CEO had been considering using generative AI on his platform to answer questions and says he saw the OpenAI chatbot coming.

Currently only available on iOS or web browsers, Poe seems like a messaging application with suggestions at the top

“Try asking me about Writing Help/Cooking/Fun Stuff” and a text box at the bottom. There are six different bots on the app that users can interact with individually.

Poe has access to ChatGPT and GPT-4; Claude Plus and Claude Instant, with one free message to GPT-4 and three to Claude per day.

A subscription to Poe is $19.99/month. Over time, there will be different bots on the app for different purposes, like currently, Claude Instant is recommended for creative writing and Claude Plus for complex tasks.

Though the app doesn’t provide web links or citations in its answers, it is faster and more convenient to type into than the ChatGPT website. The app’s Feed offers to share a prompt response from one of the bots.

“If you’re Microsoft, and you’re making Bing, you’ll just make that effort and make your product on all platforms,” he says. “But almost anyone else? I think we can provide a lot of value by letting them write on all this work that we’ve done.”


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