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You can now use phones for long hours without worrying about getting cancer

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Great news for the younger generation as they can now use mobile phones for as long as they like withput worrying about a potential risk of brain cancer, Daily Mail reported.

Experts have long advised against using mobile phones excessively, pointing out potential health risks associated with prolonged usage of phones.

Young individuals who spend the most of their days on their phones have had mixed opinions about this professional warning.

The warning was the result of concerns that electromagnetic waves from phones were a danger to health.

However, the 17-year international study led by Imperial College London and Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, found no link to increased risk of brain cancer.

The study followed 250,000 mobile users, including those who used their phone for extended periods to determine if they later developed a tumour.

Professor Mireille Toledano, of Imperial College, praised the results as they reflect modern phone usage, with weaker emission of electromagnetic fields and less time spent on phones, highlighting the importance of video calls, social media, and internet browsing.

Professor Paul Elliott, also of Imperial, added: “This is the world’s largest multinational long-term study [of its kind]. We found no evidence that long-term or heavy mobile phone use is associated with the risk of common brain tumours.’

The study, published in the journal Environment International, found that the prevalence of brain tumours among 10% of people who spent the most hours on a mobile phone did not significantly differ from those who used it less.


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