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Why RFK Jr. Is Drawing Support from Handful of Democrat and GOP Voters

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While President Biden has the full support of the Democratic National Committee, that isn’t stopping primary hopefuls Marianne Williamson and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., from campaigning across the country as they try to shake things up for 2024.  
Kennedy and Williamson both recently stumped from the famous Iowa State Fair political soapbox, making the case for new leadership for their party in the next election. CBN News was there during their speeches talking to voters about why they support the two candidates seen as longshots in 2024.

“Today 57% of the country are not making enough money to pay for basic human needs, that’s food, shelter, and transportation,” declared Kennedy. 

The latest Quinnipiac poll has Williamson polling at 9% and Kennedy at 13%, with the incumbent president dominating the Democrat field at 72%. 
“I think it’s time for America to turn the page, I think it’s time for America to begin again,” Williamson told a crowd in Iowa. 
CBN News spoke to a few voters open to Williamson in 2024. 
“She has really cool history and seems to be very liberal and open-minded so I’d like to learn more about her,” Erica Logan from Missouri told CBN News. 
At the fair, an eager crowd lined up to meet Kennedy.
“I think he’s got a real shot,” said Steve Metcalfe from Iowa. “I think a lot of people in our country really have had this feeling that there’s a truth out there that has been inaccessible to a lot of us, and I think he’s talking about it finally. He’s giving us some insight into the way things are really run.”

Kennedy supporters told CBN News they appreciate his unifying message and opposition to U.S. involvement in the ongoing war in Ukraine. 
“I think he’s the candidate that’s most opposed to continuing the war machine and I think that he’s an honest broker when he speaks to his public,” said Dallas from Iowa. “I’ve never felt like he’s lied to me.”
“I appreciate his approach and unification and harmony, in thinking outside of the box,” commented another Iowa voter named Amanda. “I think Americans are really tired of divisiveness, the drama is exhausting.”

RFK Jr. is widely viewed as a fringe, anti-vaccine candidate who’s seen social media platforms pull his videos and flag him for spreading misinformation. But his recent interview with Tucker Carlson made some big waves, and his questions about COVID and the vaccines seem to be resonating with certain voters, including former Republicans.
“I think Trump dropped the ball a little bit in 2020 with the whole COVID thing with Dr. Fauci and the lockdowns, I think that was, I don’t think that was a good call,” Darbin Jackson from Iowa told CBN News. “He doesn’t admit any mistakes and I think that was a mistake and that that’s why I switched over to Kennedy.”
“I’m excited about what he’s doing and happy to support him and I used to be a conservative,” echoed Metcalfe.
Both Williamson and Kennedy supporters are discouraged the national Democrat Party is already fully behind Biden. 
“I think Joe Biden has done some good things for the country but I would also like to see some newer, younger candidates,” said Logan. 

“I think he’s too old,” commented Dallas.  
A recent USA Today/Suffolk poll shows eight in ten Democratic primary voters want to see President Biden debate his opponents.

“We should welcome debates, you know. Conversations debating one another is where truth is found and where new ideas are birthed and when there’s not a debate we don’t have the opportunity to do that,” declared Amanda. 

President Biden is one of the only 2024 candidates from either party to skip the Iowa State Fair this year and thus far his presence on the campaign trail has been sparse. 


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