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Who will win the 2021 European Cup?Odds, betting favorites, best bets for the quarter-finals of the tournament

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The 2021 European Cup basically met expectations in the group stage. There were some upsets and some surprising results, but there weren’t any shocking exits or the team farther in their group standings than expected. This enables bettors to take advantage of trends, determine favorable odds and place some reliable bets.

But the round of 16-now that Brought some surprises to football fans.

First of all, the Netherlands lost to the Czech Republic, which is frustrating We predict in the 16 rounds of betting previewAfter that, the chaos continued a crazy day, Spain defeated Croatia in a ridiculous way, and Switzerland eliminated the defending World Cup champion France in the first penalty shootout of the tournament.

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On the last day of the round of 16, England beat Germany 2-0 in one of the most anticipated matches to date.

The eliminations of France, Germany and the Netherlands allowed three of the six teams to win the game with odds higher than 10-1 before the round of 16.And France has always been a favorite of the game, so A new favorite appeared For the first time in these euros.

Who will win the 2021 European Cup? With only eight teams left, the situation is getting clearer. When the quarter-finals of the tournament arrive, here are the best bets and trusted parties.

Euro 2021 odds

All odds are provided by DraftKings Sportsbook

England (+205) It is the new favorite of the French team after being eliminated. The other three teams have odds higher than 10-1 — Spain (+320), Italy (+370) with Belgium (+700)All three teams are on the same side, with Italy and Belgium facing each other in the quarter-finals.

Denmark (+1000) Is the only team with medium odds, because the rest of the teams are considered to be long shot wins.This Czech Republic (+2500), Switzerland (+2500) with Ukraine (+3300) The probability of winning the game is the greatest.

team Odds of winning
United Kingdom +205
Spain +320
Italy +370
Belgium +700
Denmark +1000
Czech Republic +2500
Switzerland +2500
Ukraine +3300

2021 European Cup Expert Selection

Best bets to win the European Cup 2021

England (+205). After beating Germany 2-0, England became the new championship favorite. The British benefited from the hasty efforts of the Germans in the last third, but they have established themselves as a team to beat on the right side of the bracket.

The test of England’s progress is not so daunting. They have defeated the most difficult opponent in the German team. They will play against Ukraine in the quarter-finals and then against Denmark or the Czech Republic in the semi-finals. England should have an advantage over these three teams, so they should have a chance to reach the finals.

Some people may be reluctant to bet on 2-1 odds at 6-1 or 7-1 on the England team early in the game, but the value still exists for them. They are a strong all-round team that can easily reach the finals and have yet to concede a goal in the tournament.

Belgium (+700). Considering that both sides face fierce competition, choosing anyone on the left side of the brackets is a risk. Spain may have the easiest path, but Belgium is a good choice to win the championship.

The Red Devils are one of the most experienced teams in the tournament, and they were generally in good shape during the European Cup. They encountered some problems in the game against Portugal-they led by 24-6 on the day (goal 5-1)-but despite handling the injuries of Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard Ill, they still won the victory.

The potential route for Belgium to win the title may be matches with Italy, Spain and England. This is not an easy task, the team is dealing with some injuries, but the depth is very good. Therefore, even if De Bruyne and Hazard have to miss time, they can fill the vacancies with some experienced and talented old future.

Of course, Belgium has not locked in the chance to win the game, but the Belgian’s chance of winning is ranked fourth and is the number one team in the world. It’s worth a try, especially as a foil for England. Because if both enter the finals, you will automatically profit.

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The best bet to complete the top 2

Denmark (+330). If you are looking for a good way to make England fade out, it is interesting to bet on Denmark to make it to the final. The Danes should beat the Czech Republic in the quarterfinals. This will put them into the final four games of the tournament, and they are very promising (-215 into the top four).

So the question is, can Denmark beat England in the semifinals? England is a tough opponent, but Denmark has performed well in recent games. If they continue to perform well, the Danish team may enter the championship. It is an attractive move to treat the Danes as weak to win the weak side of the bracket, although it is not recommended to bet on them to win the game at this time.

Betting quarter-finals

England (-204) played against Ukraine. England has little value here, but Ukraine is clearly the weakest team on the field. The Ukrainians managed to defeat Sweden and made great efforts, but they were a little lucky to pass. In the 99th minute of overtime, the Swedish team advanced with a score of 10 people, while the Ukrainian team had the advantage, scoring the second goal in European Cup history and winning 2-1.

In other words, England is not Sweden. Under the leadership of Raheem Sterling, Jack Greerish and Harry Kane, the England team has stronger offensive capabilities, and this trio will cause many problems for Ukraine.

Ukraine needs a huge effort from goalkeeper Heorhiy Bushchan to have a chance of winning. However, his England opponent Jordan Pickford has not conceded a goal in this game, so it is difficult for Ukraine to break through and score.

England undoubtedly have the upper hand in this game. Although the odds are not very big, there may be opportunities to bet against other bets on this list to increase the odds.

Denmark (+106) vs. Czech RepublicSo far, the Czech team has been one of the Cinderella teams in the Championship because they defeated a much-loved Dutch team in the 16th round, but they had good luck in that game. Matisse Delicht received a red card in the 52nd minute, which allowed the Czech Republic to advance 11-10. The Czech scored twice after that, breaking the upset.

The Czech team was in good condition in this game, but they met the proactive Danish team in this game. After Christian Eriksson suffered a cardiac arrest on the court, Denmark was playing for him and defeated Wales 4-0 in the 16th round. Mikel Damsgaard did a great job as a substitute for Eriksson, and Casper Dolberg showed that he was a goal after scoring two goals in the last game select.

In addition, goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel (Kasper Schmeichel) is recovering. In the last two games in Denmark, he only scored one goal.

Denmark should have a good chance to defeat the Czech Republic with the advantage of the start-click attack and drag momentum. Maybe Czech star Patrik Schick (pictured below) can maintain his consecutive scoring record, but Denmark should still have a clear advantage, so it is valuable for the Danish to get +106.

(Getty Images)

The quarterfinals are upset and special

Belgium (+245) surpasses Italy. The Italians performed well during the European Cup, but they ran into trouble when dealing with Austria. Italy needed extra time to beat the team led by David Alaba. Fortunately, Marco Anautovic had an offside goal in the second half, which could have allowed Austria to win.

The Belgian team also has some concerns. It is worth noting that Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard are dealing with injuries against Portugal, and their health may not be sufficient to participate in the quarter-finals. Even so, the Belgians have solid depth, including Yannick Carrasco and Dries Mertens, who can help fill the vacancies for these players.

If De Bruyne and Hazard can’t play, will the Belgian be explosive? No, but they are still the best team that Italy has encountered in this tournament. Considering Italy’s struggle to disintegrate Austria, it may have similar problems for Belgium.

Among the weak in this round, Belgium may be the most attractive. The Red Devils have the talent needed to reach the finals, so why not bet on an experienced team to defeat a relatively young Italian team?

Quarter-finals to avoid

Spain vs. Switzerland. Spain finally found its own scoring points in the last few games, scoring a total of 10 goals against Slovakia and Croatia. However, betting on them to defeat Switzerland at -148 is not entirely attractive.

Spain should have an advantage over Switzerland in technology. But France did it too, and Switzerland sent home the defending World Cup champion.

Yes, France is not the best in this game, but neither is Spain. The Spaniard led by two goals in the last five minutes plus stoppage time against Croatia and then won in overtime. Facing a Swiss team that is in better form than the Croatian, they may encounter more trouble, especially Harris Severovic and Sergey Shaqiri created scoring opportunities.

Spain can certainly win this game, but this is by no means a lock-in. Therefore, it may be best to put this outside.

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Golden Boot Odds

In the Golden Boot Awards, four players took home the trophy at odds of more than 10-1.

player Odds Total goals
Cristiano Ronaldo +110 5
Patrick Sigg +500 4
Raheem Sterling +500 3
Romelu Lukaku +700 3

Golden Boot Best Bet

Cristiano Ronaldo (+110). There is nothing exciting to bet on a player whose game is over, but with Ronaldo, you at least know what you got. You got five goals, which is enough to get the first place right now.

Can Hick (4 goals), Lukaku (3 goals) or Sterling (3 goals) surpass Ronaldo? Of course, it is possible. At the same time, Hick and Lukaku face a severe test in the quarter-finals and may be eliminated, while Sterling needs a few goals to tie Ronaldo. So Ronaldo is a safe bet because he has a mat-although small.

If Ronaldo is still playing, these odds will be obvious, but even if his tournament is over, betting on him is not a bad move.

Raheem Sterling (+500). The pound is the most interesting choice among the top four. He has considerable odds and the fewest goals, but he also plays on the weaker side. This gives him an advantage over Lukaku, who must face Italy in the quarter-finals, so he may be eliminated.

At the same time, Schick is also at a disadvantage, but he plays for the Czech team. The Czech team may encounter difficulties in the game against Denmark, so he is more likely to be eliminated in that game than Sterling’s game against Ukraine.

5-1 GBP is worth a try. The England team is likely to win the championship, and Gareth Southgate seems to trust him.

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