Home Sports ‘Two separated brothers’: Sehwag all praise for Pakistani hospitality

‘Two separated brothers’: Sehwag all praise for Pakistani hospitality

‘Two separated brothers’: Sehwag all praise for Pakistani hospitality


Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag has acknowledged the hospitality of Pakistanis during their visits to the country, stating that tears of joy came to his eyes when he witnessed the warmth of the people of Pakistan.

In 2003, India embarked on an ODI and Test tour to Pakistan after 17 years, where the two long-standing rivals engaged in a five-match white-ball series and a three-match red-ball series.

The visiting team showcased their supremacy, emerging victorious in both the ODI and Test formats.

“In 2004 we went to Pakistan and our second Test was in Lahore. I bought 30 to 35 suits for my mother, sisters, aunts etc. When I went to the shopkeeper for payment, he said ‘You are our guest, how can we take money from you?’,” the hard-hitting opener was quoted as saying during an interview.

"No one ever took any money from us in Pakistan, I bought 30-35 sarees for my family from Lahore, and they didn't take a penny," Virender Sehwag.

'Aap toh mehmaan ho, aapse paise kese le sakte hain hum?' ❤️

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“Wherever we went in Pakistan on that tour that happened after 17 years… 2003-2004 it was… there was not even a single place where we didn’t receive lots of love. They used to ask us where we were from in India and we used to tell them we’re from Delhi so they used to say that their relatives used to live in Delhi and is that place or street still there.”

He said that listening to the stories of the people used to touch their hearts and they used to get emotional as well. “We used to get tears in our eyes but we were also happy that we were the same like two separated brothers,” he further said.


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