Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Trump Returns to Twitter After GA Releases First Mug Shot Ever for a Former President

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Former President Donald Trump is speaking out after being booked on the latest charges against him in Georgia, blasting the state’s accusations of trying to overturn the results of Georgia’s 2020 election. Trump says he did nothing wrong and that his opponents are using the legal system to interfere in the 2024 presidential election.

“What took place here was a travesty of justice,” Trump said. “What they’re doing is election interference. They’re trying to interfere with an election, it’s never been anything like in our country before.”

Trump returned to Twitter, now known as “X”, for the first time since he was banned while still in the White House. On Thursday, he posted his first message in more than two and half years with a photo of his mug shot including the words “Election interference! Never surrender!”

Trump was booked and released on a $200,000 bond Thursday night at a jail in Atlanta. He will be back in Atlanta soon for a court date.

Trump and 18 others were indicted last week in Georgia, including Rudy Giuliani and Mark Meadows, all accused of participating in a conspiracy for contacting state officials and questioning the outcome.

Another member of Trump’s team who was also booked and subjected to a mug shot was Christian attorney Jenna Ellis who speaks openly about her faith in Jesus Christ. 

When she was indicted Ellis said, “The Democrats and the Fulton County DA are criminalizing the practice of law. I am resolved to trust the Lord and I will simply continue to honor, praise, and serve Him. I deeply appreciate all of my friends who have reached out offering encouragement and support.”

Meanwhile, the woman who charged Trump and his team for challenging the election is now being exposed for challenging previous elections.

District Attorney Fani Willis previously issued numerous social media posts, questioning voting procedures and results.

RedState says the posts reveal “the rabid partisan nature and hypocrisy of the prosecutor now trying to put the former president behind bars.”


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