Home Sports The craziest day in the history of the European Cup: why fans will never forget France-Switzerland and Croatia-Spain

The craziest day in the history of the European Cup: why fans will never forget France-Switzerland and Croatia-Spain

The craziest day in the history of the European Cup: why fans will never forget France-Switzerland and Croatia-Spain


If you have to work on Monday and don’t have a TV or cell phone, it’s bad. This is a beautiful day for the 2021 European Cup. The reasons are as follows:

These reactions sum up the feelings of fans this day:

There are too many incredible moments. If you are a fan obsessed with your TV or mobile phone, a roller coaster of emotions, nervousness, heart palpitations, nail biting-all this is too much. This is how the day unfolds and the real-time situation:

Spain’s own goal: It’s so fragrant!

When it happens: Croatia 0, Spain 0 (20th minute)

what happened: A teammate’s back pass passed directly at the feet of Spanish goalkeeper Unai Simon, and the Croatian team led the Spanish team 1-0.

Instant fan reaction: What is he doing/thinking? Is that a bad jump on the turf? No, he looked away! How did the goalkeeper come back? He must be panicked. Spain has some bad juju on these euros.

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Croatia’s score is late and sent to overtime

When it happens: Croatia 2, Spain 3 (92nd minute)

what happened: Croatia’s Mario Pasalic (Mario Pasalic) forcibly rushed into the penalty area, strode home with the ball, and rewritten the score to 3-3. We are going to overtime.

Instant fan reaction: Where does this come from, Croatia? The collapse of Spain! They cannot come back from there. Faced with a team that has no real scoring threat, how can Spain not want to maintain a two-goal lead with 14 minutes left in the game? The Croatian scene is great.

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A huge save by the same Spanish goalkeeper

When it happens: Croatia 3, Spain 3 (6 minutes of overtime)

what happened: Spanish goalkeeper Unai Simon blocked the bullet of Croatia’s Andre Kramarić, who shot very clearly.

Instant fan reaction: redemption! Treat him well. If Simon did not make that save, Croatia would definitely beat Spain. That’s harder to save than it seems. Kramaric should roof it! That is an opportunity for Croatia. It will not happen to them now.

After death threats, the winner

When it happens: Croatia 3, Spain 3 (10 minutes of overtime)

what happened: After Spanish striker Alvaro Morata missed a major scoring opportunity in the first few games, his family received death threats and he insisted on this to all doubters. This is a wonderful end-the end of a forward.

Instant fan reaction: Morata what class. After he experienced this, it must be a good thing for him. His family must like it very much. This is what he did. He will miss some easier opportunities, but then he will score more difficult goals. That’s huge.

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Swiss PK suspended

When it happens: France 0, Switzerland 1 (55th minute)

what happened: French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris blocked Ricardo Rodríguez’s penalty, which could have given Switzerland a 2-0 lead.

Instant fan reaction: That will make the game disappear! It will hurt but Lloris is great. Preservation is more important than bad PK. Switzerland will regret it.

Benzema scored solo

When it happens: France 0, Switzerland 1 (57th and 59th minutes)

what happened: Benzema was invisible for most of the game. Then suddenly, he scored two goals in three minutes. The first is elegant completion-the second is opportunistic.

Instant fan reaction: What player. That is a world-class thing. He did nothing throughout the game and then left. French coach Didier Deschamps must be very happy that he is calling him now. You must have a sense of Switzerland. That penalty save was a spoiler.


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Pogba’s goal and celebration

When it happens: France 2, Switzerland 1 (75th minute)

what happened: Paul Pogba chose the upper right corner in a spectacular long-range goal, rewriting the score to 3-1. That is really shocking.

Instant fan reaction: That is untrue! Pogba is not real! He makes this seem easy. Pogba is such a person. This French team is fantastic. They can open it at any time. The French team will enter the quarter-finals. They are too good to be eliminated.

Switzerland equalized in the 90th minute

When it happens: France 3, Switzerland 2 (90th minute)

what happened: Swiss substitute Mario Gavranovic equalized the score. When he got the ball, there was only one thing in his mind, and he made an unstoppable shot at the top of the penalty area.

Instant fan reaction: Are you serious! Another two-goal comeback? Another overtime game? How shocking this is for France. The blow to the intestines is too great. Let us see if they can come back from here. Switzerland performed well today. This is actually well-deserved. Ricardo Rodriguez got out of the predicament. Relieve him.

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France is close to the winner

When it happens: France 3, Switzerland 3 (94th minute)

what happened: With a few seconds left in the game, France’s Kingsley Coman received a cross and almost found the upper right corner, but it fell off the woodwork. That will be some winners.

Instant fan reaction: Oh oh oh. If he stays lower, it will enter. This is cruel for Switzerland, but for the knockout, it will be a historic ending. This game is crazy. Crazy than Spain-Croatian.

Mbappé PK is suspended, France is out

When it happens: France 3, Switzerland 3 (PK penalty shootout, last kick)

what happened: Kylian Mbappe must score to keep France alive in the shootout. But Yann Sommer saved his shot. Switzerland is free from anxiety. Mbappé looked like he wanted to remake, but the referee didn’t give it. It was a good save. The Swiss team will enter the quarter-finals.

Instant fan reaction: Gosh, Switzerland is going through. unbelievable! Mbappé of all players! You just feel it. This is very stressful for him. He may want to be the fifth recipient. This game was better than the previous game… We got everything that Croatia-Spain has, and there was a PK shootout, and we were upset on it.

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