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The coach is most likely to win his first national championship?Start with Kirby Smart and Ryan Day

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Sports news released its Annual 1-130 Coach Ranking This week, an exercise that will arouse fierce controversy every time.

The top seven caused the most discussion. Nick Saban and Dabo Swinney were the obvious choices at 1-2, while Jimbo Fisher of Texas A&M was the controversial choice at 5. All three coaches have won national championships.

The other four did not. So, this is the question that SN will discuss next. Lincoln Riley of Oklahoma, Brian Kelly of Notre Dame University, Ryan Day of Ohio State University and Kirby Smart of Georgia have all achieved similar success. Which head coach will win the national championship first? Which one has joined the National Brotherhood of Champions, including Saban, Swinney, Fisher, LSU’s Ed Orgeron, and North Carolina’s Mack Brown?

This will resolve many disputes. We asked the same question on Twitter.

Don’t argue. Just answer the question.

SN looked at these four coaches and chose:

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Kirby Smart, Georgia

Smart got the most votes in the Twitter poll. He is ranked 7th in our rankings, but he is also the closest coach to a national championship. Georgia has a 52-14 record in the past five seasons and has recruited elite players. He also played head-to-head with the other three coaches on the roster with a score of 4-0. So what’s the problem? Alabama is. Smart has a 0-3 record against Nick Saban, and Florida has become a more viable threat to Dan Mullen. With every mistake, the comparison with Mark Richter and the weight of the national championship dating back to 1980 will increase. Still, Smart will break through one of the seasons, right?

Ryan Day

Dai got the second most votes. Since taking over from Urban Meyer, his record is 23-2. It can be said that he has enhanced this model through consecutive undefeated regular season and college football playoff appearances. Opponents will point out that he got a deck of cards, but Day hasn’t lost cards so far. The Buckeyes defeated Clemson in the CFP semifinals last season before being defeated by Alabama. Dai established the second recruiting class last year, and may have a first-class class on the way. There is no end to the rule of the ten giants, and there is no reason to believe that he will not follow Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer to win the national championship in the near future.

Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma

Riley followed the same path after succeeding Bob Stoops in Oklahoma. Riley’s record is 45-8, winning four consecutive Big 12 titles, while Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray are back-to-back Heisman trophy winners. The Clippers will have another blockbuster attack under the leadership of Heisman’s favorite Spencer Rattler in 2021. Of course, Oklahoma State also led 0-3 in the CFP semifinals under the leadership of Riley, and the plan’s national championship drought can be traced back to 2000. Last year’s Sugar Bowl victory against Florida was a step in the right direction, but Oklahoma still faces big problems every time it gets on that stage. Will Riley answer this question?

Brian Kelly, Notre Dame Cathedral

Kelly got the fewest votes, which makes us doubt whether Mullen will become a better coach. To be clear, Kelly is not overrated. The Irish have won at least 10 games in four of the past five seasons, and both CFP appearances have been accompanied by steady improvement in elite recruitment. The Irish are a legitimate competitor, but they have not cracked the Alabama/Clemson/Ohio code on the sixth day of the new year or the CFP stage. Notre Dame de Paris has not won a national championship since 1988, but Kelly has improved every season and is closer than his three predecessors.

Who won all this first?

Smart won the Twitter vote, but I will vote for Day. Our staff compiled a ranking of 1-130 coaches through votes, and my Day ranked third.

The logic here is simple. Day hasn’t lost a Big Ten game yet. The number of recruits is comparable to that of Alabama and Georgia. He will break through like Tressel and Meyer. Of course, he was given a national championship-level plan. That will not change.

The Buckeyes will have more playoff opportunities. They are the only school among the four schools that beat Alabama and Clemson in the CFP stage. Notre Dame, Georgia and Oklahoma led 0-5 in the CFP games against the Crimson Tide and the Bengals. Ohio State University is 2-3. Ohio State University is a better choice for breakthroughs.

Smart, Riley, Day and Kelly will always be contenders, and given the return of the Bulldogs and Sooners to their starting quarterbacks, this year will be interesting.

We will still give Day an advantage over Smart.

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